When is enough really enough?

You have done all you can for a person in any situation: relationship, personal, advice, and they just don’t realize that you are only here to HELP and not HINDER them. Where do you draw the line? There is only so much a person can take in any situation. I get the feeling just from previous experience that many believe that you will forever be ther for them when they are going through their trials and tribulations. What really kills me is the fact that they want you in their corner but when they ask for your advice it is either too harsh, or “you don’t know what you’re talking about.” Why ask when you are just going to deter from what we are trying to do. If we are really in your corner that means whatever you go through we go through it too. Your support system never wants to see anything happen to you. So where do you draw the line? When do you reach your breaking point? When do you say “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH” and walk away? Can you actually do this? I know these are a lot of questions to ponder, but after so long you have to eventually see you’re fighting a losing battle. When that happens it is time to realize that they don’t want to be helped. Let it go, leave it in God’s hands and press on. Talk to me…


One thought on “When is enough really enough?

  1. This can be a hard thing, but you can shake these folks loose. For me, I learned that I take on other folks issues and as you stated, I truly feel their pain. Its the spiritual gift of Mercy. But you have to draw the line when you are walking around sad and depress because of their issue. You are not God. You have no power. You can intercede for them, and maybe that’s all God want you to do for them is to pray for them. But I can guarantee that He doesn’t want you to allow that person to bring you down as well. Because now, he has two people out the game instead of one. So the motto is, if you can’t pull them up, you gotta cut them loose.

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